Prof. Yen Liang-Kung

Environmental governance, global governance and domestic policy change, government and business, GMOs policy, forest certification policy
Prof. Yen Liang-Kung

Liang Kung Yen holds a Ph.D. in Government from the University of Texas at Austin. He currently is Professor of the Department of Public Administration at the National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan. He once was Chairman of the Department of Public Administration (2001-2003), Director of Master Program in Taiwan studies (2005-2007), and Director of Taiwan Studies Center (2011-2013). Professor Yen has been visiting professor at Georgetown University (1996-1997), Stanford University (1997 summer), University of British Columbia (2003-2004; 2013-2014), and University of Tubingen (2014 summer). Recently, he gave short-term lectures in Macao Polytechnic Institute (2011), University of Zurich in Switzerland (2012) and University of Vienna in Austria (2013). Professor Yen has been member of the Editorial Boards in the major public administration journals in Taiwan. His main publication is The Paradigm Problem in Public Administration (1998). In the recent decade he has extensively published on how agents of global governance affect domestic policies change in Taiwan and China. He is currently a professorial fellow at the Department of East Asian Studies in Georg-August Universitat Göttingen.



National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan – Department of Public Administration