About us

Global and Transregional Studies Platform Goettingen

Global transformations in the widest sense represent a great challenge for large parts of the social sciences and the humanities. In both research and teaching, we can no longer deal with many topics from single disciplinary perspectives. To put it in a different way, scholarship operating on a transnational or global level usually warrants interdisciplinary collaboration and the involvement of various forms of regional expertise. The Global and Transregional Studies Platform, therefore, strives to foster corresponding exchange and cooperation. It builds on numerous research activities concentrated both in the different Faculties of the Georg-August-University and in the Max Planck Institute for Religious and Ethnic Diversity, the Centre for Modern East Asian Studies, the Centre for Modern Indian Studies and other institutions, and thus creates opportunities for dialogue and the development of new initiatives.

In addition, the Platform recognizes the importance of international collaboration, and it does so at various levels. In close cooperation with international partners, it co-hosts several transnational research projects on themes ranging from global history to Inter-Asian Studies. It provides office space for international research groups and visiting scholars, and it offers support for academic exchanges to and from Göttingen. Moreover, the platform organizes, or co-hosts, a broad spectrum of events dealing with single aspects of Global and Transregional Studies, ranging from research colloquia and public lectures to international conferences.

The Platform regularly hosts international fellows and visiting researchers.