Prof. Marian Füssel

Global history of the seven-year-war, military history, history of University, Enlightenment
Prof. Marian Füssel

Prof. Marian Füssel is Professor for Early Modern History with special focus on the History of Science at the University of Göttingen.  His main fields of research are military history and the history of knowledge in the early modern world. In the field of military history and organized violence, he deals with 18th century colonial wars especially with the Seven Years War (1756-1763) as a global conflict. The Seven Years War links theatres of war in Europe with south Asia, North America, the Caribbean and the Westcoast of Africa. He follows the global entanglements of the conflict on a micro-historical level and try to combine the dimension of individual experience with the representations of the war in the media. His second field of research is the history of knowledge with a strong focus on the history of universities and the early modern republic of letters. The global impact comes in via the history of university collections like the ones in Goettingen but also via a broader scope on the circulation rather than the diffusion of knowledge.

Both fields of research – military violence and knowledge – are connected by a common conceptual framework deriving from practice theory that tries to develop analytical perspectives for a global micro history. One of his strong theoretical influences comes from the work of French Jesuit Michel de Certeau.


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