Dr. Tao Chen

Cold War History, East Asia, Sino-German Relations, Public Diplomacy, Transnational History
Dr. Tao Chen

Dr. Tao Chen is Assistant Professor of the Institute for German and EU Studies at Tongji University, Shanghai. He was Research Fellow at Institut für Zeitgeschichte Berlin and Taipei’s National Chengchi University. He has written and published many articles on the Sino-German Relations, German/European involvement in East Asia during the Cold War including Learning from the PLA: the Mass Line in the NVA of the GDR (2018), An Anti-Revisionist United Front? The Beijing-Pyongyang Axis in the Communist Movement of the early 1960s (2017) and Zhongguo tong lianbang deguo guanxi zhengchanghua guochengzhong de minzhudeguo yinsu (The East German Factor and the Establishment of Sino-West German Diplomatic Relations, 2013. Chen’s current research focuses on the Sino-German/European relations since 1945, which incorporates both top-down and bottom-up perspectives.


Tongji University – Institute for German and EU Studies