Dr. Sanam Roohi

Socio-spatial mobility, transnationalisation of caste, diaspora philanthropy, migration and development
Dr. Sanam Roohi

Sanam Roohi defended her thesis in Anthropology titled Giving Back: Diaspora Philanthropy and the Transnationalisation of Caste in Guntur (India) from the University of Amsterdam in December 2016. As an assistant professor, she has been teaching various undergrad and postgrad courses at the department of Political Science at St. Joseph’s (Autonomous), Bangalore since September 2016. Her research interests include socio-spatial mobility in India, transnationalisation of caste, diaspora led development. Outputs from her PhD include publication of a few book chapters and a couple of journal articles, apart from a co-produced film on diapsora philanthropy. Dr. Sanam Roohi is also part of the Feminist Peace Research Network where she works on the concept of everyday peace and is currently collaborating with fellow feminists on a couple of articles and a special issue. Prior to her PhD, she had worked on forced migration and social justice that resulted in a few local publications and a book titled ‘Social Justice in India’ co-edited by Dr. Roohi and Prof. Ranabir Samaddar.