Dr. Bai Aiping

Ancient Chinese literature, Chinese international education, poems of the Tang dynasty
Dr. Bai Aiping

Bai Aiping received her PhD in literature at Shaanxi Normal University in 2006 and worked at College of Humanities, Xi’an Shiyou University as associate professor and adviser for the graduate students in the major of Chinese International Education. She taught master courses on Second Language Acquisition, Chinese Traditional Culture, and Teaching Survey and Analysis as well as bachelor courses on Ancient Chinese Literature and Interpretation of Chinese Classics, and authored several articles, monographs and textbooks including “The poetry of Jianghu poet school carried the features of Yao and Jia” in Journal of Suzhou University, 2011(9) and “The generation and development of the combination of Yao and Jia” in Search, 2011(8). Bai Aiping took part in the research projects “Gazing and thinking at the phenomenon of Yao and Jia on the background of Chinese literature history”, funded by the China National Social Science Foundation, and “From text to event — the ecological evolution of Chinese literature since the new period”, funded by the Education Department of Shaanxi Province. In 2018 she obtained a patent for utility models and a science and technology award from Xianyang city government for developing an artwork anti-theft device. Since January 2019 she is based as a visiting scholar at the University of Göttingen, supported by the China Scholarship Council, investigating and researching the current conditions and developing tendencies of German sinology.



Xi’an Shiyou University – College of Humanities

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