Dr. Anna Belogurova

Interwar global moment, Chinese communists overseas, Southeast Asia, the Comintern, nationalism, internationalism
Dr. Anna Belogurova

Anna Belogurova’s research focus is Modern China with a Special Emphasis on Global Historical Perspectives. Her research interests include Chinese communist movement in the Chinese communities overseas in the global perspective, as well as the history of socialist development in comparative perspective. She received her PhD in Chinese history from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (2012), and MA from Chengchi University, Taipei. She has been a POINT Postdoctoral Fellow at Freie Universitaet Berlin, Graduate School of East Asian Studies, and a postdoctoral fellow in Chinese Migration in the Global Perspective at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), a Visiting Assistant Professor at Brown University, and held a visiting teaching appointment at the University of Oregon. She has co-authored a documentary history of the Taiwanese communist party which was translated and published in Chinese by Academia Sinica, Taiwan. She published in the Journal of Global History and Modern Asian Studies.

Her current research project is “Beyond the Sinosphere: Modalities of Interwar Globalisation: Internationalism and Indigenization among East Asian Marxists, Christians, and Buddhists, 1919-45.” It draws on a conference which was held in 2016 and funded by Volkswagen Foundation. She is also currently working on her book manuscript The Malayan Revolution: Nation, Community, and the World in Chinese Networks, 1920–1941.


Freie Universitaet Berlin – Graduate School of East Asian Studies

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