Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS)

Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS)
The Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS) is dedicated to research and teaching about economic and political development in modern India. The centre was established with the support of the Federal State of Lower Saxony in September 2009. It is part of the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Economic Sciences. The centre adopts an interdisciplinary approach to five major themes: Metamorphoses of the Political, Religion, Inequality and Diversity, Labour and Capital in Modern India, & Media and Public Spheres. The centre boasts six professors and more than 25 research fellows and PhD students from a range of academic disciplines including History, Political Science, Religious Science, Anthropology, Economic Development, and Anthropology of Public Health. Projects are conducted individually or as part of academic networks.


Georg-August-Universität Göttingen – CeMIS

Waldweg 26
37073 Göttingen

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