Centre for Modern East Asian Studies (CeMEAS)

Centre for Modern East Asian Studies (CeMEAS)

Launched in 2012, the Centre for Modern East Asian Studies (CeMEAS) plays a key role in Göttingen’s strategy to strengthen research and teaching in the field of East Asian Studies. It is one of the multi-regional and multi-disciplinary research centres at the University of Göttingen primarily aiming

  • to encourage and support innovative research on East Asia across disciplinary and regional boundaries.
  • to strengthen the presence of East Asian studies on campus and in the community.
  • to become the intellectual centre for a community of scholars and students dedicated to the research of East Asia.
  • to provide a wide range of resources pertaining to East Asia to scholars, students, and the general public.
  • to build international research networks with institutes and scholars of East Asia.


Georg-August-Universität Göttingen – CeMEAS

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